OpClouds is created to be the groundbreaking decentralized Computing-Resource-as-a-Service (CRaaS) platform on Ethereum with 3 main services: GPU/Virtual Machine (VM) renting, Cloud mining, and AI Train-to-Earn for individuals and enterprises.

Protocol Overview:

  • GPU/VM Rental Service: At the core of OpClouds is our GPU/VM rental service, designed to offer flexible and scalable GPU/VM renting solutions. This service simplifies the complexities associated with owning and maintaining a GPU or Virtual Machine system, providing users with easy access to powerful computational resources for a variety of applications, including cryptocurrency mining and data storage.

  • Cloud mining: OpClouds also uses our own GPU resources to mine cryptocurrencies to bring revenue to the project.

  • AI Train-to-Earn: On top of our GPU services, OpClouds also provides a Train-to-Earn service for AI enterprises to use. This service will both enhance the protocol's revenue, contribute to the Real-Yield rewards for the token stakeholders, and be a part of the upside from AI development.

A key focus of OpClouds is the implementation of a decentralized Computing-Resource-as-a-Service (CRaas) platform on Ethereum. This innovative concept will be explained further in the next section.

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