Development Fund

Development Fund: Crucial part of OpClouds growth

The Development Fund of OpClouds plays a vital role within our ecosystem, as the financial foundation that sustains the ongoing evolution and innovation of our platform. It is well-managed to ensure long-term stability and to finance the strategic objectives of OpClouds.

Sources of OpClouds Development Fund

  • Service Fees from Renting GPU: A portion of the fund comes from the service fees of renting out GPU access in OpClouds. Users will pay the fee in $ETH, and half of the revenue will contribute to the development.

  • Taxes from trading activities: 40% of the trading taxes will be put into the development fund to grow the project.

  • Profit from GPU Mining: OpClouds control a large amount of GPU, and a part of those GPUs would be used to mine POW coins. 50% of the profits from this activity will be distributed to $OPC stakers, while the other 50% part will be put in the development fund.

  • AI Train-to-Earn Revenue: A substantial 50% of the total revenue generated from our AI Train-to-Earn service would be allocated to the project fund. This significant contribution is vital for the long-term sustainability and growth of OpClouds, to provide better services for individuals and enterprises.

Distribution of OpClouds Development Fund

The Development Funds will be used to reinforce and expand the OpClouds ecosystem:

  • Investing in Innovation & Operation: We’ll put some of the Development Funds into making sure our operations run smoothly. Improving our technology and keeping the infrastructure up and running. It's all about ensuring that OpClouds can provide users with the best possible service.

  • Research & Development Expenses: One of the most important things we do with our Development Funds is reinvest in our infrastructure. By doing this, OpClouds not only makes sure we can handle more operations, but OpClouds also opens up more opportunities to generate revenue for everyone involved in the ecosystem.

  • Empowering the Community: We set aside a portion of our Development Funds for initiatives that bring our community together. These efforts are all about fostering an exciting and engaged community around OpClouds, where everyone feels empowered to contribute to our shared success.

  • Partnerships Growth: The Development Funds are also used to facilitate strategic acquisitions and partnerships that align with OpClouds's long-term vision and objectives. These initiatives serve to strengthen our position within the blockchain industry, enhancing our growth trajectory and expanding our influence.

  • Buyback and Burn $OPC tokens: The unused part of OpClouds Development Fund will be used for Buyback and Burn monthly. You can read more about our Auto-Burn Mechanism in the next section.

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