Revenue Sharing

OpClouds has a unique and equitable Revenue Sharing model, to distribute financial gains back to its community of users and contributors. This feature ensures that participants in the OpClouds ecosystem are both users and beneficiaries of the platform's success.

Our Revenue Sources

  • GPU/VM Rental Fees: Users will have to buy $OPC on market to pay for the service, which would increase the demand for $OPC tokens. 50% of the $OPC will go to the Development Fund, while the remaining $OPC will be divided between $OPC stakers. As the ecosystem expands and $OPC value increase, frequent users are incentivized to accumulate $OPC at low price and stake $OPC to reduce the service fee on their side, and receive a part of OpClouds revenue.

  • Revenue from GPU Mining: All mined tokens will be sold on market and profits will be used to buy $OPC. Those $OPC will be distributed back to holders through the staking program.

  • AI Train-to-Earn Revenue: AI Enterprises who want to collect data and train AI through our connection with retail users will have to pay us in USD, which would be used to buy back $OPC on market and be shared to participants.

Distributing plan

  • OpClouds has a staking function for users to stake their $OPC tokens.

  • Once holders stake their tokens, they are eligible to receive a part of 50% OpClouds ecosystem monthly revenue.

  • The more holders stake, the more they receive monthly. 50% of revenue will be divided proportionally to all stakers based on how much they stake.

Key Benefits of our Revenue Sharing Program

  • Passive Income for $OPC holders: Our Revenue Sharing model is a way to align the benefit of the project, the holders, and the product users. By staking $OPC tokens, users can passively earn a part of the profits generated by OpClouds' operations.

  • Incentivizing Users/Holders: The potential for earning through Revenue Sharing incentivizes more users/holders to participate and contribute deeper to the OpClouds ecosystem, creating a positive feedback loop that benefits all by aligning all stakeholder benefits.

  • Creating Long-term Participation: As the program incentivizes users to stake $OPC tokens, it encourages users to maintain a long-term investment in the platform.

  • Empowering Community: The Revenue Sharing model empowers the OpClouds community, giving users a direct financial stake in the platform’s success.

  • Transparency & Trust: The decentralized nature of OpClouds ensures transparency in how revenues are generated and distributed, therefore building trust within the community.

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